modern-twist Trivetz - Hive Lime

These are extraordinary hot pads. Part of the modern-twist Studio line, featuring an array of fun colors, the Trivetz fit together to create a functional space that is also pleasing to the eye.
Use them individually for hot plates and pans, piece them together for larger dishes and pots, or make a honeycomb-esque table runner.

Created in collaboration with MIT duo Nervous System, these clever kitchen + dining accessories are durable flexible and soft to the touch.

Size: 7” diameter.

Heat resistant to 675 degrees fahrenheit/357 celsius.

Non-porous + germ-free surface.

Free of BPA, lead, latex, phthalates + other harsh chemicals.

100% recyclable and reusable through designated recycling facilities.

CARE: Keep away from sharp objects. Must wipe or rinse to prevent staining. Heat proof to 357 Celsius or 675 Fahrenheit.