LIFEFACTORY 650 ml (22 oz) Glass Water Bottle with Classic Cap & Pivot Handle
Retail Price: $37.99
Wholesale: Case pack of 4

Somewhere between the classic 16 oz bottle and the "all-you-can-gulp" concept, there is a perfect balancing point. And we found it: the 22 oz hydration bottle. Ample room for your water, tea, or smoothie, but still easy and graceful in the hand. The same beautiful colors, clean glass, and the classic tight fitting, easy-carry cap.

  1. * Our glass bottles are reusable and offer a pure taste
  2. * Wide-mouth access makes it easy to add ice cubes, citrus slices or tea bags
  3. * Polypropylene Active Flip Cap offers a high flow rate for replenishment
  4. * Protective silicone sleeve provides a non-slip grip and helps prevent breakage
  5. * Made in USA and Europe
  6. * BPA-free
  7. * Dishwasher safe (place cap on top rack/no need to remove silicone sleeve)
Available colours:
    Aqua Teal
  1. Cool Grey
  2. Dusty Purple