HAPPY Volcanic Oil Control Facial Roller

No more one-time use oil blotting papers or powder touch ups. Happy Volcanic Oil Control Facial Roller is a portable, reusable oil-absorbing roller. The volcanic stone helps to naturally blot away excess oil and unwanted shine. It’s like having your own personal filter. But, this time, it’s all you.


-Does not smudge make up
-Helps matte down shiny areas
-Blots away excess oil
-Naturally oil-absorbing volcanic stone
-Portable, reusable

Directions: Remove cover by twisting the round bottom. Roll volcanic stone along areas of the face that need blotting. Tone down oily areas and unwanted shine.

Cleaning: Twist open the flat portion that holds the volcanic stone. Remove the tube and stone. Wash with warm water and mild soap. Rinse and air-dry.

MSRP: $25