What's a Soko Pop-Up?
Soko Pop-Up is where we promote and sell a specific product/product line that we appreciate for a limited time.We not only want to give our community a unique opportunity and access to products that we don't have readily available, we want products from around the world to know Canada through our distribution and channel management.
We come across so many great products that need that little bit of a kick-start, and we want to help set that in motion

What do we look for in a Pop-Up product?

  • Functional – the product needs to serve a purpose (the more purposes the better), we don’t want to add more waste to landfill.
  • Sustainable - we love it when products are naturally sourced and renewable.
  • Focused on design - we appreciate smart products that look great.
  • A healthy alternative to what’s currently available - we want to do our part in decreasing the use of toxic, chemical-ridden, harmful products

We are so enthusiastic to bring products to people who are looking for the best goods through our Soko Pop-Up program.We intend to build a community of like-minded and mindfull people and businesses. We look forward to connecting learning and growing with you.

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