Soko Distribution is...

...a national distributor of innovative products for the entire family.
We provide full representation from east to west, including Québec.

...concerned about design, the enviornment, and healthy living
We love cool products and working with manufacturers that care about the enviornment and promoting healthy living.

...committed to an efficient supply chain management process.
We're dedicated to manage our network and tools, and work with channel partners to ensure our products reach customers quickly and with no interruptions.

...on hand to assist with your compliance needs.
We have a team of experts to work with you to diligently get your products into the Canadian market. We help ensure you meet safety, insurance, labeling, and language standards.

...a specialist in marketing.
We act as a full service marketing agency and can provide public relations, advertising, consumer events, web design and other creative resources.

...all about customer service.
We provide unparalleled service to all those we deal with. From our partners, to our manufactures, to our retailers, to our end customers, we work hard to make certain we meet everyone's needs.