SUYON Fox - Pearl Dark Red
Retail Price: $13.00

Paint and Wear! Let SUYON Nail Polish be the safe and fun solution you are looking for! SUYON Nail Polish is the first and one & only product with an innovative design and non-toxic formula that is also eco-friendly and cruelty-free!

Why Choose SUYON Nail Polish?
  1. * Complies with the strictest worldwide safety regulations: ECC, FDA, Asia Safety Requirement
  2. * 100% safe, water-based and free of toxic chemicals
  3. * Made in France with impeccable quality standards
  4. * Peels off -- no need for remover
  5. * Dermatological tested to avoid allergic reaction on sensative skin
  6. * Low odour
  7. * 100% vegan formulas -- cruelty-free
  8. * Innovative and creative product that can be used as a ring!